CHAS 3GUN League


Notice Board

The 2015 shooting season is commencing soon. We made excellent progress last year, and will continue to improve in 2015. We have added another $6000 worth of MGM targets, including reactive targets for the longer range carbine stages. We will also be adding more stages per match, and have reduced the annual membership fee. Come join the fun!

Upcoming League Events

March 7 - Orientation and Skills and Drills! 
March 21 - Match
April 4 - Match
May 2 - Work Day (Match cancelled for range construction)
June 13 - *CANCELLED* CFO - Range Closure
July 18 - Match
August 1 - Match

August 8 - Zombie Shoot

September 19 - Match
October 24 - Match

Skills and Drills Schedule:
Skills and Drills dates will be published as we get them confirmed roughly one month in advance. We are aiming to hold a minimum of one a month, May through August. They will be scheduled on Wednesday nights from 6-9pm.

Annual Fee:
$40 - Includes your first match fee and comes with a CHAS 3GUN Morale Patch & Orientation Package.

An annual membership can be purchased at any match, or by sending $40 by EMT  to - Put your full name and phone number in the comments section. 

Match Fees:

CHAS Member - $20
Non Member - $40 (This includes the CHAS Guest Fee)

Skills and Drills Fees:

CHAS Member - $5
Non Member -$25 (This includes the CHAS Guest Fee)

3GUN Match Instructions 

Match Location:

Genesee Range - 100m  & 200m/300m shooting lanes. 

Match Times:

0800 hrs - Set up begins (All shooters expected to assist). 
0930 hrs - Safety brief & walk through.
1000 hrs - Shooting begins

1600 hrs - Tear down & clean up.
Round Count for Matches: 

Each match will have different stages with some variation in the total number of rounds required to complete those stages. Your shooting ability and equipment will dictate how many rounds you use, with better shooters, using less rounds to complete each stage. It is highly recommended that you confirm the zero on your carbine/rife optic, and know your holdover/adjustments for distances out to 300m. The following is a generous round count for even the most inexperienced shooter.

.223 Rifle - 180
Pistol - 150
Shotgun - 60 Birdshot & 10 Slugs. 

It never hurts to bring extra ammo in the event we can run the stages twice.

About Us

The Canadian Historical Arms Society (CHAS) 3 Gun League is a competitive 3 Gun organization that operates within the Canadian Historical Arms Society at Genesee Range.  The league focuses on shooting practical application skills and Drills scenarios in a competitive environment. We host timed shooting courses of fire that are designed to challenge shooters of all skill levels and equipment. The league welcomes experienced shooters as well as people that are brand new to the sport, or may have never shot a firearm before. Our club boasts several experienced Range Safety Officers that can assist new shooters within an enjoyable, and safe shooting environment. The CHAS range facility is located near the Genessee power plant 45 minutes west of Edmonton Alberta. Come check us out!