CHAS 3 Gun League

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Notice Board

The 2014 shooting season has begun. We have made excellent progress this year, with a couple good shoots under our gun belts already. We have purchased $4000 worth of new target from MGM and have built a great variety of barricades. Come join the fun!

Upcoming League Events

Oct 25th      -       3 Gun Match


Next shooting event:  

Saturday, October 25th - 3 Gun Match

Times :
07:30hrs - Set Up Starts 
09:00hrs- Safety Brief
09:30hrs - Walk Through

10:00hrs - First Rounds Down Range

17:00hrs - Clean Up and Tear Down
Location : 100m Range, 200m Range, 300m Range

Round Count (This is the minimum, assuming three perfect stages): 
Rifle - 160
Pistol - 120
Shotgun - 40 (Birdshot, no slugs required)

Bring extra ammo in the event we can run the stages twice.

About Us

The Canadian Historical Arms Society (CHAS) 3 Gun League is a competitive 3 Gun organization that operates within the Canadian Historical Arms Society at Genesee Range.  The league focuses on shooting practical application skills and Drills scenarios in a competitive environment. We host timed shooting courses of fire that are designed to challenge shooters of all skill levels and equipment. The league welcomes experienced shooters as well as people that are brand new to the sport, or may have never shot a firearm before. Our club boasts several experienced Range Safety Officers that can assist new shooters within an enjoyable, and safe shooting environment. The C.H.A.S. range facility is located near the Genessee power plant 30min west of Edmonton Alberta. Come check us out!